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Review about AirTrain`s new album from Chile

AIRTRAIN “AirTrain” – MS Metal Records – 2015

Outside its known metal scene, honestly I must say that brazilian hard rock its not a style I have listened a lot through the years. Making a big effort I can remember one band called “Tempestt”, well known back in Brazil, very competent with a slight eighty surrounding that got to my desk, now it makes part of my personal collection.

After that almost nothing up to now… The debut Airtrain’s album, an underground band made of five young dudes that are throwing themselves now trying to reach as many people as they can with this masterpiece that show us a very professional approach.

Entertainment, at least, it is what those brazilians can offer to us with this brand new work, songs are very strong, predominantly upbeat. Heavy guitars with a few cliches from bands such as Strypper, Motley Crue but also a bit from north american heavy metal like Dokken and Twisted Tower Dire and a other few references to the old good Maiden.

Despite a very solid hard rock base they haven’t put a lid on that, ‘cause they found a way to mix with spoonful of Heavy Metal into to that and try to explore the scenario of the old good stuff.

A really good singer, even though not very acrobatic, he handles a very good vocal range, from lower notes to higher stuff as we will see next. Guitar world is very creative with two guitar players, Julio Machia and Arthur Santos(solos are not very complex though they have a very strong feeling), bass player Guilherme Delmolin and drummer Ivan Rehder are also very competent.

“Living for a Love” an excellent song that could have been easily a hit back in the 80’s, heavy and with catchy licks, sounds close to Accept. “Back To War” is heavier but also keeping walking towards something heavy although melodic, a ground where these brazilians work very well. “Road To The Sky” a beautiful ballad that brings a very melancholic strings intro and it is successfully touching, exactly what to wait for a song like that

The second half of the album also has some tunes that can be like a punch in the ears. One of those tunes is “Shark Attack” song that has more or less some german influence(Accept ou more recent Alpha Tiger), lead singer Siriani goes all the way to the higher notes, making clean he has good technique.

The american Strypper style as I said before comes in the next tune, “Julianne”, the most “extravagant” song very well interpreted by Siriani, and it remains in the next song “Rock The Bones”, tune which for me sounds more like traditional stuff from Rainbow (a few more chorus likewise German heavy rock).

A very good variety and good musical taste it is what this band from São Paulo has achieved in their debut album, Brazil, having such a big amount of bands just like its enormous size, not surprisindly that at some point Brazil would be capable of exporting a great material, once there’s much more than Angra and Sepultura in the “samba”.


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