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The new single Falling Castles is available on all digital platforms!

The song “Falling Castles”, composed by guitarist Júlio Machia, was recorded at Acústica Studios and São Caetano do Sul / SP, with the production of Danilo Pozzani and Guilherme Delmolin.

The single is available on all digital platforms such as Spotify, iTunes, Google Play and many others.


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AirTrain announced its return to the studio. The musicians Caio Siriani, Júlio Machia, Guilherme Delmolin, Arthur Santos and Ivan Rehder are recording new material at Acustica Studios in São Caetano do Sul, Brazil.

Founded in 2012 by vocalist Caio Siriani, the band released in the year 2015 its first album, produced by Tito Falaschi, recorded in the I.M.F (Falaschi Musical Institute). The highlights of the first album were the Single “Living For A Love” released in late 2014 and the Video Clip “Road To The Sky” which has already reached 400,000 views on social media. Soon the band will announce more details about the new release!


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AirTrain offers new t-shirt in its store!

Buy it now:


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This friday night AirTrain @ Painkiller Metal Show from Belgium! 10 p.m. Belgian time



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CD review originally published by Imprensa do Rock website

By Victor Santos

Note: 09.0 / 10.0

Surely at least you should know the members of the AirTrain. The band consists of members of Phantom of The Beast, already known tribute to Iron Maiden that runs the venues providing a magical night to fans of the band.

And it seems that the quintet formed by: Caio Siriani (Vocal), Julio Machia and Arthur Santos on guitar, William Delmolin (bass) and Ivan Rehder (drums) wanted to venture into the author’s world with songs that flirt between Iron Maiden, Accept and (It reminded me of fact a pinch of The Darkness in vowel string Caio Siriani).

The first three compositions AirTrain entitled “Living For The Love”, “Back To War” and “German Night” recall the best times of the bands Iron Maiden and Accept, “Living For The Love”, comes with its own pace without showing clear influences (unless passing resemblance that I quoted earlier in voice).

Now a ballad. Of course, a band that values ​​the Hard / Heavy is essential to have something like that and especially a debut CD. We are talking about “The Sky Road”, but someone there heard Scorpions? Sensational band with sensational influences. “Shark Attack”, “Julianne,” “Rock The Bones” come back with the whole footprint of metalheads and cymbal accompanied by bass drum with riffs on Shark is the most serious headbanger beyond the show house of the background against the wall with angry face go to the middle of the track, loosen the ponytail and start bangear throughout the duration of the song proper. “Julianne” back with a pinch of “Can I Play With Madness” it on percussion. Moreover, it contains a riff very exciting again and “Rock The Bones” has the coolest power the entire album and this song being a “quickie” of a little more than 3 minutes long

And finally, “Into My Soul” that reminds me of the most progressive songs from Maiden’s “The Final Frontier” over here (not so long ago, but almost there). And for last, wait a little longer and not take the CD out of your player. It has a well electrifying version of an excerpt from “Shark Attack” and you will remember absolutely “Aces High”.


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