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AirTrain was formed in 2012, in São Paulo, Brazil by Caio Siriani, until then a singer of an important brazilian Iron Maiden Cover. AirTrain is a new band with the musical maturity of the great consecrated compost by the musicians, Caio Siriani (vocals), Arthur Santos and Julio Machia (guitar), Ivan Rehder (drums) and Guilherme Delmolin (bassist) listeners can expect a sound influenced by Classic Rock, Hard’n’Heavy, a mix that has been surprising and pleasing the most discerning listeners.

The AirTrain innovates by presenting a literary genre Steampunk inspired look – it’s a genre of science fiction set in the past, but with characteristic innovations of the future – thus showing the vision of a band that travels through time via their sound , lyrics and visual presented.

The band has performed in several Brazilian cities and also has international experience with shows in Argentina. On March 15, 2015 the first studio album “AirTrain” is released worldwide by MS Metal Records label, with physical distribution in Brazil made by renowned company Voice Music. The band’s debut album attracted the attention of large foreign media such as the renowned magazine “Fireworks Magazine” UK, the AudioVideo portal that is one of the Main-specialized media of Finland, the radio “Rock Angels” of Zaragoza, Spain, plus media from other countries like Belgium, Chile and France.