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AirTrain was one of the main acts of the Cataratas Moto Fest, one of the biggest motorcycle events in Argentina. The event was during May’s second weekend and has been going on for over 7 years, AirTrain was schedule to play May 8th.

The Cataratas Motofest took place in Puerto Iguazú, Missiones famous for its Cassinos and sleepless nights. The Cataratas Moto Fest attracts not just bikers from Argentina itself, but also Brazil and Uruguay were well represented, locals also were invited to join the festival and they waited anxiously for the concerts that the event provides.

AirTrain stepped into the stage around 10 pm when Shark Attack started to echo its powerful guitar riff, one of the tracks from AirTrain’s new album, during the concert the band played tunes from their album but also some classic covers such as “Doctor Doctor” from UFO and “Wings Of Tomorrow” from Europe. The crowd also had a chance to buy a physical copy of AirTrain’s album recently released by MS Metal Press.

AirTrain would like to say thank you for the great time we had in Argentina, the crowd was immense and very welcoming, we’re looking forward to come back soon!


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