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AirTrain is interviewed by renowned Finnish portal

AirTrain was interviewed by the portal AudioVideo, a leading specialized media in Finland.

In the article, the reporter Jari Kuusisto weighed in on the first studio album that will be officially launched on 15 March and also conducted an interview with the band members.

The first AirTrain studio album will be officially released on March 15 by MS Metal Records with distribution through Voice Music, ensuring the album in the main Super Stores in the country, in addition to digital distribution on all major platforms such as iTunes, Amazon, Google Store and others.

“Thousands miles away”

I felt sort of an “heavy guidance” when I found out about this brazilian band AirTrain through this wonderland called internet. A band with a upbeat sounding and its about to release their first album in middle march.

Lead singer Caio Siriani has strong faith that AirTrain has all the potential to be worldwide famous. AirTrain is a brilliant brazilian band, the traditional heavy rock world hasn’t listen to such a thing for a really long time, they are really hungry to catch up to their targets, for sure metal Gods are pretty happy with the effort from those boys.

Ops! AudioVideo its taking steps into international journalism? What stunning language its that? Chinese? There are no reasons for woe!

I’ve made a promise however this nice band from Brazil deserves visibility at this very cold village called Finland. Thats why I made a little presentation in portuguese and then a small introduction in English.

New bands will always be kinda of a continuous base, but just few of them have access to proper marketing and promotion, to take the next step, actually seems unlikely that real good music has to market to be setup, neither there are investors. Before internet has ruled the world, papers, journalists and radios were responsible for this very important role, to find and spread the good bands around. For me in particular the more important forms that spread those bands are: John Peel, Juho “Leatherman” Juntanen; Som Antti Mattila; Klaus Flaming and even the german magazine “Rock Hard”.

I found AirTrain surfing in the facebook, and a few clicks after I found myself accessing a mysterious brazilian website. AirTrain has attracted me really strongly and I felt I needed to get in touch with the band, the first one to reply me was the Lead Singer and “Boss” Caio Siriani, whom has been always very pleasant and we actually ended up having a really nice chat.

“Lead Singer Caio Siriani proved himself to be very pleasant since the first time I got in touch”

My hunch didn’t fail, AirTrain’s debut album its very heavy, straight forward and upbeat, and of course, guitar riffs and melodies that remind us to the old great bands that has reflected on them, but in general their material its original enough, pretty good stuff.

I really would like to know if AirTrain will ever play in major festivals ‘cause they are trying make their way towards it, traditional heavy metal its not mainstream however there are bands that have made their way into the mainstream act, like Sabaton from our neighbor country, a band which has reached to success even though there was a war period, at the early 2000’.

If for some reason you buy AirTrain’s debut album, I guarantee that your numb mind will wake up at the very moment you hear the first second of it. AudioVideo has interviewed the band and we were envy of the perfect 35 celsius of São Paulo at the moment.

AudioVideo: Hello! You guys doesn’t seen to be very old to me, how old are you guys and how long have you guys been together? Why the name “AirTrain”?

AirTrain: Hello! AirTrain is a young band just like their members, lead singer Caio Siriani its 23 yo, guitar Julio Machia 22 yo also in the guitars Arthur Santos its the youngest one, just 19 yo, bass guitar Guilherme Delmolin 23 yo and the drummer Ivan Rehder its the oldest one 27 yo.
AirTrain came up after some brainstorm, we needed a strong name and we got it… After a few beers

AudioVideo: All members from AirTrain also play as Iron Maiden cover? I’ve seen some videos on youtube and the crowd was on fire!

AirTrain: Yes! Our Iron Maiden tribute has the same line up as AirTrain. Our Maiden cover(Phantom of The Beast) exists from 2009 and its recognized as one of the main Iron Maiden tributes and we have very often a big crowd in front of us, however we want to grow as AirTrain, we want to become a style reference, we want to make our music to spread.

AudioVideo: Brazil and Tradicional Heavy Rock hasn’t been a very common combination, how does it work out for you guys? Have you guys consider to take way like other brazilian bands(Sepultura, Soulfly and etc)? Why aren’t you guys playing thrash metal like almost every new band is doing right now?

AirTrain: Sepultura is one of the main references in the metal world, its a band that has turned the south america upside down, very different sounding and they are around, they have reached what we are chasing. We are more likely to a different approach, we don’t want to sound just like the other bands, we want to be different, we want to people to get their eyes toward us. We are doing a kind of music its not common to new bands to come up with, we are more likely to the classic stuff but also bringing something different, refreshing.

AudioVideo: After 35 years of Heavy Metal, I can hear very clear your influences, Rainbow, Maiden, Accept etc. They are all great bands from 70’s and 80’s. Could you name a few more bands you guys are into?

AirTrain: From the old stuff we can name, Sabbath, Europe, Whitesnake, UFO, Boston, Rush, Halloween and Metallica, in other hands we also have a very good reference on newer bands such as Edguy, Avantasia, Blue Pills, Foo Fighters and Unisonic.

AudioVideo: AirTrain’s new album sound really fresh and heavy, what kind of plans do you guys have from now to AirTrain? World Tours, more studio albums? What would be the last thing could happen?

AirTrain: Our debut album has been just our first step really, when we decided we were going to record an album we knew what we were about to face. We have a strong project and its growing and getting shape, we might even land in Europe next year, who knows? We want to present our music to everybody and we are pretty sure that we are working hard to maybe someday headline a major festival, we have faith in our work and we think we can reach our goals.

AudioVideo: The last song “Into My Soul” has some US southern rhythm. Have you guys ever tried to write something really heavy that could have some “jungle” rhythm?

AirTrain: Into my Soul has a very deep lyrics, more like a drama you know? And we made it on propose so we could setup this “mood” of drama so you could really feel the song.

AudioVideo: Do you guys know bands from Finland? Would like to say something to the rock fans in Finland?

AirTrain: Yes for sure, we know Nightwish, Children of Bodom, Sonata Arctica, Stratovarius, Turisas, Apocalyptica and Korpiklaani!
To the heavy rock fans in Finland… Stay tuned on our debut album coming really soon, Finland its a very important country in the metal world and has been the nest of a lot a of big rock bands, so we would like to present a new brazilian band and we hope to be around you guys very soon! We salute you Finland!


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